To continue our Book Box project, we coordinated with Middleboro Conservation Commission agent Trisha Cassady and enlisted the help of Middleboro High School Innovation Coordinator Tony Chiuppi and several of his students to build and install a box at Pratt Farm.
Left to right:  Rotary Club member Willy Duphily, Rotary Club member Cherie Kostant, student Anthony Cataloni, student Dean Teceno, student Dylan Weigel, Rotary Club member J. Kevin
To paraphrase from the story in Nemasket Week written and photographed by Rusty Gorelick, the box was installed on Thursday, April 13th.  As part of the Middleboro Innovation Lab program, the students built the book box from scratch - shingles, doors, hinges and all - including painting and installation of the book box guided by their teacher, Tony Chiuppi.  The box has been filled with books, it's ready for Pratt Farm visitors to use.
Tony and his students have already built two more book boxes that are waiting for locations to be planted.  We're looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Middleboro High School students.
Kaden Pepin, left, and Dylan Weigel haul the book box from the parking lot to its destination by the starting point of the Pratt Farm walking trails
Middleboro High School student Dean Teceno ensures the book box installed by Middleboro High School students and the Middleboro Rotary Club is at wheelchair-accessible height, as classmate Andrew Soule holds it in place.
Middleboro High School Innovation Coordinator Tony Chiuppi drills the book box into place.
Kaden Pepin holds the post in place while Tony Chiuppi saws it to wheelchair-accessible height.
Students observe as Tony Chiuppi ensures the book box is stable.
High School students, left to right: Anthony Cataloni, Dean Teceno, Dylan Weigel, Andrew Soule, and Kaden Pepin pose with their teacher, Tony Chiuppi (far right).